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Mini word automatic screw machine

Machine parameter
Input voltage: AC220V//50HZ Screwdriver voltage: 30v  Torque: 10KG speed: 1200r/min
Input air pressure: 0.6-0.8mpa Screw Specification:  Φ20 22 Standard 304 Miniature Screw
Control system: KC motion control system Working range:  750MM
Drive system:  3 axis motor Table size:  1150MM*750MM
Feeding system: Feeding device, divider, feeding tube, air blowing device, locking screw device Machine weight: 80KG
Drilling motor voltage: 24V  Current: 3A speed: 12000r/min Dimensions: 1150MM(L)* 800MM(W)* 1400MM(H)
Applicable products: Lock screws for flat surfaces of miniature letters with thicknesses no greater than 30MM and other plastic products

Traditional locking screw:

Use a handheld drill or small bench drill to drill first

Then use a handheld electric screwdriver to lock the screw
Time-consuming, labor-intensive, inefficient, non-standardized, and requires experienced employees to perform well.

Machine locking screw:

One-step process for hole drilling and screw locking (5 seconds per screw)
Fast, accurate, stable
Time-saving, labor-saving, efficient, employees no need for work experience, easy to start in 1 minute.